The company “Persenk 2009” distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to West and East  Europe  Fruits and Vegetables Markets.

We can supply for you fresh fruits as:

  • Oranges                       Valencia, Navel
  • Tangerine                    Clementine, Satsuma
  • Lemons                         Interdonato, Primofiori
  • Apples                           Gala, Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Idared
  • Cherries                       Kordia, Ferovia, Regina, Stella, Ziraat
  • Watermelons            Samantha, Torpila, Bostana, Crimson tide, Celine
  • Plums                            Stanley, Anna Spath
  • Grapes                          Thompson seedless, Victoria, Ruby seedless

Below you can see a part of our products. We supply quality goods from reliable producers who have certificates for quality.

All products can be supply by your request by sizes and packages as you want.

Company Persenk 2009 is engaged to supply fresh fruits an vegetables in the EU market from 2009. Our main purpose is to deliver to our clients safety, fresh, quality and not least with competitive price fresh fruits and vegetables. As i described we work with a agro cooperatives in many countries ( Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey , e.t.c.) we are available to supply a wide range of different fruits and vegetables.

We are represent the producers of these agro cooperatives and help them to sell they own productions. Wich means we can give you price from the producer not more.

When exporting fresh fruit and vegetables we comply with the requirements below. These requirements can be categorised as:

1. food safety;

2. product quality;

3. social, environmental and business compliance.

Fruit and vegetables who we export must comply with European legislation on plant health:

General principles and requirements of food law for all stages of food/feed production and distribution (Regulation (EC) No 178/2002– Section 4)

Traceability – food and feed products must identify and register the supplier in the country of origin (Regulation (EC) No 178/2002– Article 18)

General rules on hygiene of food stuffs and hygiene specifications for food of animal origin

Rules on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs

For the marketing standards (MS) for the fresh fruit and vegetables we compy with listed below:

These products must be accompanied with a certificate of conformity for each consignment. These certificates can be issued by the European control bodies and in some cases by the country of origin. A sample certificate of conformity can be found on p. 115 in Annex III to EU Regulation No 543/2011:

To ensure food safety and avoid environmental damage, our products is subjected to official controls.

There are three types of checks:

a) documentary checks;

b) identity checks;

c) conformity checks to marketing standards.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, the traceability of products is compulsory. To fulfil this obligation, we provide proof of origin for all fruits and vegetables.

In addition we provide, phytosanitary certificate, packing list and custom documentation, also use a unique traceability code such as a lot number or GLOBALG.A.P. Number (GGN).

Certification as guarantee

As food safety is a top priority for us. All buyers in the supply chain, such as traders, food processors and retailers, require the implementation of a food safety management system based on hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).


The most commonly requested certification scheme, essential for exporting fresh produce , is GLOBAL G.A.P. This is a pre-farm-gate standard that covers the whole agricultural production process from before the plant is in the ground to the non-processed product (processing not covered). GLOBALG.A.P. focuses on food safety as well as the environment, labour conditions and product quality. It has become a minimum standard for most European supermarkets.

Labelling and packaging

Food placed on the market must meet the legislation on food labelling.

Cartons of fresh fruit or vegetables must mention the following particulars:

name and the address of the packer or the dispatcher;

name and variety of the produce (if the produce is not visible from the outside of the packaging);

country of origin;

class and size (referring to the marketing standards);

lot number for traceability or GGN if certified GlobalG.A.P. (recommended);

official control mark to replace name and address of the packer (optional).